Things You Need To Know Before You Start To Finance



From SAR 1,000 to SAR 50,000, you choose

(for Individual Financers)

  • You decide the finance request amount, from SAR 1,000 to SAR 50,000.



Information necessary to finalise your registration

In order to start financing, you need to provide us with the following details:

  • Your national ID or Iqama (Resident Identity) details

  • Your employment details

  • Your national address

Once this information is uploaded, your account will be verified within 3 business days and you will be able to deposit money



Types of Financers

Raqamyah is open to the following financers:

Individual Financers:Any natural person who registers to finance through the platform under his/her own capacity. There are limits on Individual Financers as follows:

  • The maximum you can transfer to Raqamyah in any 12 months period is SAR 200,000

  • The maximum exposure to any finance request is SAR 50,000 and shall not exceed 25% of the finance requested

Qualified Individual Financer: Any natural person who registers to finance through the platform under his/her own capacity. To remove the limits set out above, Qualified Individual Financer must sign a  Declaration  stating that he/she fulfils at least one of the following:

  • you own net assets with a value not less than 3 million Saudi Riyals;

  • you work or have worked for at least three years in the financial sector;

  • you hold a professional certificate that is related to financial analysis and accredited by a local or internationally recognised entity; or

  • you hold the General Securities Qualification Certificate that is recognised by the Capital Market Authority and have an annual income that is not less than 600,000 Saudi Riyals in the two most recent years.

Institutional Financers:An Institutional Financer is an organization that finances on behalf of its members and its bylaws permit it to carry such activity. For example, Institutional Financer can be (but not limited to): banks, finance companies, insurance companies, funds, family offices, investment companies, government bodies, etc.

The platform automatically finances 50% of the finance request of every finance request that is presented on the platform from Institutional Financers and 50% from Individual Financers. The balance that remains unfunded by a category will be offered to the other category to be filled.



How financing is done on Raqamyah

There are two ways to finance on Raqamyah:

Automatic Financing:This type of financing uses a tool called Automatic Financing to automatically select the financee (debtor's) that financers are willing to finance based on pre-selected criteria. Financers can select their own custom mix based on the following:

  • Maximum amount for each finance request;

  • Sector(s) that you want to finance

  • Risk grades that you want to finance

Manual Financing:by self-selection of financee (debtor's) using the Raqamyah search tool to identify financee (debtor's) that financers may be interested in and bidding for funding those financee (debtor's) in online bidding via the Raqamyah Site. This process is called Manual Financing. Financers can browse available finance requests and compare finance requests details such as score, finance request purpose, finance request type, duration, profit rate, and financee (debtor) information.

The funding process for every finance request is open for up to 30 days, and the funding period will close once it is fully committed. Orders are made on a first come first serve basis.



We only list verified and pre-qualified finance requests for you

Our in-house credit team analyses every finance request through an analysis of the financials, the market and the management of the entity request the finance. This risk analysis leads to a grade (from A+ to C) which in turn leads to a profit rate given to the requested finance.



Diversification is key!

Diversification is a key to limit the risk of capital loss. We recommend diversifying over at least 50 finance requests For example, if you wish to finance SAR 50,000 through our platform, it is better to finance SAR 1,000 to 50 finance requests than SAR 2,000 to 25 finance requests.



Non-Performing Finance Request

Financing to SMEs presents a risk of capital loss due to non-performing financed amount: delays or defaults. Raqamyah manages the process of financed amount collection and default management on behalf of financers. More precisely, Raqamyah manages commercial recovery directly and works with a partner for legal collection.

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