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Working capital optimization


Flexible payment terms to customers

Finance solution that provides your customers with more flexible payment terms

Approximately 80% of trade between suppliers (sellers) and their customers (buyers) is financed through some form of credit, where the delivery of goods is immediate, and payment is deferred. Credit sales put pressure on the working capital of suppliers as they accumulate substantial receivables, thereby limiting their growth.

Raqamyah Supply Chain Finance provides a solution for both suppliers (sellers) and customers (buyers). When an invoice is issued by the supplier and the goods are delivered, Raqamyah immediately settles the invoice amount with the supplier (seller), while the customer (buyer) settles their payment to Raqamyah with flexible payment terms

How Supply Chain Finance Works



Raqamyah will register the supplier (seller) as an approved supplier


The customers (buyers) will register in Raqamyah, where their credit history will be assessed, and a revolving line of credit will be approved accordingly.


When the supplier (seller) raises an invoice, invoice amount will be instantly settled to the supplier (seller) and the customer (buyer) will settle to Raqamyah at a later date.


A factory (seller) that sells chemicals to distributors (buyers) with a 45-day credit period is faced with the challenge that many of its buyers require longer credit terms, such as 180 days. Through the Raqamyah Supply Chain Program, the factory (supplier) will instantly receive the value of the goods from Raqamyah when they are invoiced, while the distributor (buyer) will benefit from more flexible and easier payment terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

All suppliers operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whether they are distributors of specific products or factories, who have a wide customer network and have a track record that extends for more than three years.

No, in this case, the supplier is not considered as financee (borrower) , but the financee (borrower) will be the customer (buyer), as he will be responsible for settling the financed amount according to financing terms.

All customers (buyers) who have been dealing with the supplier for at least one year will undergo a credit assessment by Raqamyah in order to be eligible for a revolving credit line.

You can fill out the form at the following LINK and Raqamyah team will contact you.

Warning: Do not get a finance beyond your repayment capacity.