Raqamyah is a permitted Peer to Peer (P2P) financing platform by Saudi Central Bank under the Regulatory Sandbox. As a Fintech company, Raqamyah uses innovative technology to directly connect small businesses seeking fast, affordable finance with financers who can help fund their growth.

By financing directly to businesses through Raqamyah, financers can now earn attractive returns while businesses get fast, easy access to funding to grow, create jobs, and drive the economy forward.

Our mission is to empower small businesses to thrive by simplifying and expediting their funding needs.

SME's story in Saudi Arabia

A SAR 2.2 Trillion opportunity

  • SMEs are core to Saudi Arabia Vision 2030

  • 99.2% of businesses in KSA are SMEs

  • SME's contribution to the economy is 22% and aspired to grow to 35% of GDP by 2030

We create an efficient link between financers and companies.

With more than 515 thousand small and medium companies, representing more than 6.4 million jobs, SMEs are the heart of the Saudi economy. Our mission is to support their growth by efficiently matching financers to their financing needs.

We think transparency is the key to doing it right.

Transparency means both sides of the marketplace always have access to our selection criteria, our results, our financing processes. Transparency is what makes Raqamyah platform works in a fast, simple and responsible way.

The Team We have established a committed and dynamic team of individuals who possess a wealth of experience of financial markets and technical innovation.

Osama AlKhyari

Ziad Tunisi

Ammar Bakheet

S Srinivasan

Ghassan Gowigati

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