Things you need to know about POS finance

Up to SAR 350K finance
You can get finance up to SAR 350K for 21 months finance
Wide range of financing solutions
All types of finance request can be funded: renovation works, business expansion, purchase of equipment, increase inventory, invoice finance and rent payment. In short working capital and capex funding.
How it works (Example)

Your finance amount is a function of your average monthly sales. For example, if your average monthly sales is SAR50,000 for the past 12 months then you are eligible for a SAR150,000 finance (i.e. 3 times of your average monthly POS sales).

Now our system will calculate repayment based on 21 months period at a profit rate of 14% per annuum on reducing balance basis. For example, on finance of SAR150,000 you need to pay back SAR 170,831 in 21 months.

The repayment would be 20% of each swipe on POS machine until the financed amount is fully paid.

Repayment period
The finance is extended based on your average monthly POS sales. Hence, if POS sales are within the same average, you should be able to comfortably repay the loan within 21 months period. In case the amount is not fully repaid within 21-months, then you have to settle the loan at the end of 21-months from your other resources.
Response time
You will know if you are eligible by completing finance request application. Once we have received the necessary information, we will get back to you with a firm answer within three business days. If your finance request is accepted in principle, we will conduct a site visit for further screening before listing the funding request on Raqamyah Platform.
Time to finance
The verified and pre-qualified finance requests will be open for 30 days to the lenders for funding. If 100% funding is achieved earlier (which is usually the case), the requested finances less our fees will be credited to your account within three days of closure.
Raqamyah Fees
  • Arrangement fee ranges from 2-3% depending on the credit score and amount.
  • Management fee equal to 1/12% of the outstanding amount monthly to cover the loan processing costs.
  • One-off documentation fee of SAR 1,000.
Who is eligible?
All established Saudi-based businesses meeting at least the following criteria:
  • No credit facilities from any bank and/or finance company
  • Sales by POS is at least 50% of total sales for the past two years
All finance applications go through a detailed credit assessment.
To make the process of credit assessment fast and smooth, you need to provide Raqamyah with the following:
  • Bank statement for the last 12 months
  • Financial statements for the last two years (preferably audited)
  • VAT filings for the previous and the current fiscal year
  • A copy of your lease contract
  • A print-out from Qiwa (
Publishing your funding request
Once you are pre-qualified, your funding request is placed online on our Platform so that financers can finance. In order for them to finance in a transparent manner, they must have basic information about your company, including a description of your activity, its history, the financing request, and certain financial data.
Interest Rate (%)
Loan Duration (months)
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