Raqamyah Platform
  • Raqamyah Platform is a Saudi based company, focused exclusively on financial services technology sector (FinTech)
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  • Thrive on technological innovation
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FinTech defined, reinventing financial sector with technology


We are in the early stages of one of the largest sector-driven opportunities of our lifetime, the secular re-imagination of financial services

Post-global financial crisis institutions

Modern financial institutions were built to capitalize on being the intermediary, leveraging information advantage and providing access and scale.
Post-Global Financial Crisis, however, they suffer under the weight of enacted and pending regulation, legacy technology, and an accelerating talent drain.

The opportunity

The global financial industry is undergoing a transformational phase due to fast-paced technological changes.
New technology startups, also referred to as FinTech, have started focusing on innovations in the finance space.
The FinTech industry comprises a variety of financial businesses such as online Peer-to-Peer lending, SME finance, crowd-funding platforms, wealth management & asset management platforms, cryptocurrency, trading management, mobile payments platforms and money/remittance transfer, etc.

Fintechs and financial institutions

Partnerships between financial institutions and FinTech’s are a win-win for both partners. Mainstream financial institutions partner with FinTech’s to improve product offerings, increase efficiency, and lower costs.
By partnering with mainstream financial institutions, FinTech’s get to scale their technology and can access capital to grow.
As a result of these partnerships, customers who are previously left out of the financial sector have greater access to higher quality, more convenient, and less expensive financial products and services.


Multi-trillion dollar markets are being re-imagined by small teams of the most-talented individuals who are building on top of low-cost, modern technology stacks, at extreme pace.If you are one of these teams, we would love to talk.